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Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy 

Accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (S.E.K.A.P.)
Subsided by the Government of Cyprus

Duration:Three (3) years acquiring the Higher National Diploma
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

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The need for beauty care is becoming more and more essential in our fast-paced everyday life. The significantly updated aesthetics programme can now provide a comprehensive education in aesthetics and beauty therapy. The programme aims to provide students with the essential knowledge, skills and competences required by this ever popular industry. Within the programme students will acquire a variety of skills, beauty techniques and professional qualities that are necessary for a successful career in aesthetics and beauty care. The faculty and instructors of the programme are highly qualified and have many years’ experience in the field both in Cyprus and abroad.


The aim of the program is to provide professional training through a successful combination of theoretical underpinning courses and practical skills. Training on topics directly related to beauty and health, with emphasis on the latest technological and cosmetic advances, and the ever-changing industry needs

The program provides knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship for a successful working aesthetics beauty salon with topics such as marketing and salon management.

Upon completion of the programme the students will gain an understanding of the basis of business entrepreneurship for the beauty industry.

Career Prospects

Once their program is complete, graduates could be prospectively employed in beauty salons, cosmetics and beauty trading companies and health & fitness centers as an aesthetician. In addition students may utilize their makeup skills for employment in television production, theatre, advertising production and magazine editorials. As a qualified Aromatherapist graduates could be successfully employed within health centers, Spa resorts and hotels as a masseur and an aromatherapist.

The Intercollege aesthetics programs are accredited by ITEC U.K.  as one of the largest international examination bodies for beauty and complementary therapies.  Intercollege offers its’ students the opportunity to sit ITEC external examinations to gain additional international recognition for their studies
As graduates of the Higher National Diploma programme students are eligible for registration with the Cyprus Association of Beauticians (S.A.K.) and the Cyprus Ministry of Health for their Professional Working License and the additional Operational License for Beauty Salon Owners. They are also eligible for application to the Cyprus National Register of Qualified Aestheticians.


Academic Path

ASM 101    Facial Therapy Theory I

ASM 101L  Facial Therapy Practical I

ASM 108    Makeup Theory I

ASM 108L  Makeup Practical I

ASM 128    Manicure & Pedicure

ASM 128L  Manicure and Pedicure

ASM 113     Anatomy

ASM 114     Physiology

ASM 110    Dermatology I

ASM 100     Professional Ethics

ASM 115     Applied Physics

ASM 102     Facial Therapy Theory II

ASM 102L   Facial Therapy Practical II

ASM 103     Body Treatment Theory I

ASM 103L   Body Treatment Practical I

ASM 109     Makeup Theory II

ASM 109L   Make up Practical II

ASM 111     Dermatology II

ΙCHEM 104 Elements of Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

ICOMP 150  Microcomputer Applications

ASM 202     Facial Therapy Theory III

ASM 202L   Facial Therapy Practical III

ASM 204     Body Treatment Theory II

ASM 204L   Body Treatment Practical II

ASM 209     Make up Theory III

ASM 209L  Make up Practical III

ASM 210     Dermatology III

ASM 208     Pathology

ASM 206      Kinesiology

IMG 281    Introduction to Management

ASM 205     Body Treatment Theory III

ASM 205L   Body Treatment Practical III

ASM 207     Epilation Theory

ASM 207L   Depilation Practical

ASM 218     Principles of Aromatherapy

ASM 218L   Principles of Aromatherapy

ASM 219     Professional Make up

ASM 219L   Professional Make up

ASM 231     Occupational Health & Safety

IACCT 110   Accounting

ASM 307     Depilation Theory II

ASM 307L   Depilation Practical II

ASM 315     Electrotherapy I

ASM 316     Cosmetology I

ASM 320    Nutrition & Diet

ASM 300     Exercise

IMKTG 391 Marketing

IBADM 380 Principles of Entrepreneurship

ASM 326    Cosmetology II

ASM 325     Electrotherapy II

ASM 332    First Aid

ASM 310     Project

ASM-350     Practical Internship

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