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Higher Diploma in Acting

Subsided by the Government of Cyprus

What you will learn…

  • The Program offers an education in acting of high cultural and artistic value.
  • Theatre education of a high standard, using contemporary methodology.
  • Constantly investigating a variety of approaches and techniques under the guidance of acclaimed professionals.
  • Professional growth in the fields of theatre, television and radio.
  • Opportunities for participation in theatre workshops.
  • Collaborations with professional theatre groups.
  • Opportunities for participation in professional productions.
  • Opportunities for practical training by observing rehearsals of professional productions.

Duration:Three (3) years for obtaining the Higher National Diploma.
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

This new programme offers students who wish to study acting as a profession the chance to achieve this at college level, something completely new for theatre in Cyprus. Times have changed. Ne methodologies and scientific approaches in acting require academic knowledge and expertise on the whole range of subjects, constituting a complete study in the programme of acting. This is a comprehensive, vocational programme of studying the art of acting that opens your path to success in show-business, theatre, television and film. The small number of students per class, a unique characteristic of our programme and in keeping with its contemporary character and methodology, ensures substantial practice on the part of the student as well as the necessary attention of teachers towards all students.


The aim of the program is to promote artistic education through a practical approach with appropriate theoretical background. For this reason, the nature of studies is a combination of scientific and artistic, theoretical and practical.
The program also aims to offer a complete and contemporary education in theatre practice, and contribute to the continuous progress of the students and their future professional development in the theatrical and social life. It also aims to support the graduates morally and artistically in order to serve the theatre with diligence, ethics and professionalism.


Entrance examinations are held twice a year.
What is required is a theatrical monologue from an ancient Greek drama, a theatrical monologue from a modern theater, a poem, a song and a subject of improvisation.

Immediately after the selection, the successful candidates will have a workshop with the programme lecturers for the final selection.

The workshop aims, to a better communication and contact between students and teachers on one hand, an, on the other hand, to a second chance for students to demonstrate their acting skills in a friendlier atmosphere.

For more information you may contact the Programme coordinator Mr. Varnavas Kyriazis on the phone 99 636 644.

Career Prospects

Many people talk about the particular difficulties one faces in this area, and the difficulty of the profession. This program promises and ensures high standards of professional teaching both in practical and theory classes in order to offer the necessary guarantees for a successful acting career. In brings students in close contact with successful professionals who are active in the field, creating networking opportunities. In addition, this program offers180 European Credits which is a good enhanced basis for further studies at universities abroad


Academic Path

THTR 100 Acting 1
THTR 110 Acting 2
THTR 120 Improvisation 1
THTR 130 Diction 1
THTR 150 History of Theatre 1
THTR 155 Movement 1
THTR 145 History Of Art
THTR 160 Acting 3
THTR 165 Acting 4
THTR 170 Diction 2
THTR 180 Improvisation 2
THTR 175 Movement 2
THTR 140 History of European Literature
THTR 190 Drama 1
THTR 260 Acting 5
THTR 265 Acting 6
THTR 210 Drama 2
THTR 220 Singing 1
THTR 225 Diction 3
THTR 230 Movement 2
THTR 240 Dancing 1
THTR 280 Theatre History 2
THTR 285 Theatre History 3
THTR 275 Elements of Directing 1
THTR 290 Acting 7
THTR 295 Acting 8
THTR 340 Dancing 2
THTR 350 Singing 2
THTR 345 Elements of Directing
THTR 385 Theatre History 4
THTR 270 Set Design & Costumes
THTR 310 Acting 9
THTR 320 Acting 10
THTR 360 History of Cinema
THTR 355 Dramaturgical Analysis
THTR 370 Acting 11
THTR 375 Acting 12
THTR 365 Cinema Practicum
THTR 380 Stage Wrestling and Fencing
THTR 390  Diction 4

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