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BA (Honours) in Accounting and Finance 
Awarded by Middlesex University, UK
Offered Completely by Intercollege Limassol
This programme will be terminated by the end of the Academic Year 2019-2020

A unique opportunity to study for a British qualification in Accounting and Finance in Cyprus

(The programme has been granted nine exemptions from the ACCA examinations)

Ιntercollege Limassol offers a programme in Accounting and Finance that is validated by Middlesex University. Upon successful completion of the programme, students are awarded the BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance by Middlesex University and may, if they wish, participate in the graduation ceremony of the University in London.

How can I study in Cyprus and be awarded a degree from a British University?

European Union Regulations and the Laws of the Cyprus Republic allow educational institutions in Cyprus to award degrees from recognized universities from European member states. Obviously, in order to allow this to happen, the universities must be satisfied that the quality of education at the institution with which they cooperate is of such a standard that it justifies the award of their degree. In the case of Intercollege Limassol, Middlesex University has carefully assessed the programme leading to the BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance and is satisfied that its quality, as well as the standard of its delivery, justify the award of a Middlesex University degree. It is worth mentioning that Middlesex University and its relationship with Intercollege Limassol are supervised by the Quality Assurance Agency of the UK (QAA), the Agency that safeguards quality and standards in British Universities.

Cypriot students registered under this programme are entitled to a Cyprus Government grant provided that they satisfy the financial criteria set by the Ministry of Finance.

What is the programme duration?

The programme’s duration is three years (full-time) or six years of part-time study (two modules per year). However, non-EU students are required by Law to study on a full-time basis. Students who are required to study for the foundation course will need an extra year.

What are the entrance requirements?

The entrance requirements vary, depending on the country in which applicants received their secondary education. As a general rule, however, all applicants must satisfy academic entry requirements and demonstrate English language proficiency. The Office of Admissions will be pleased to answer inquiries on this matter from prospective applicants. Graduates from public secondary schools in Cyprus may be admitted to the programme through different routes:

  1. You graduated from a Cypriot Lyceum and are a holder of a School Leaving Certificate with a mark of at least 17 out of 20 and you satisfy the
  2. English Language criteria (e.g. IELTS grade 6), OR
  3. You have successfully completed the foundation year at Intercollege Limassol which has been validated by Middlesex University OR
  4. You are a holder of a relevant Diploma from a recognized tertiary education institution such as, for example, the Diploma in Accounting offered by Intercollege Limassol and you also meet the English Language criteria (e.g. IELTS grade 6). In such a case you are admitted to the second year of the programme.

What is the language of instruction?

The programme is taught in English. The degree is awarded by Middlesex University.

When do classes start?

Students are admitted to the programme twice a year: Fall and Spring. Exact dates may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.

Duration: 3 years (plus an optional foundation year)
Language: English

Career Prospects

Holders of accounting qualifcations may be employed in accounting firms and the finance departments of various private and public organizations.

IMPORTANT: Holders of the BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance are granted 9 exemptions from the ACCA exams – the maximum number awarded by the ACCA.

Graduates wishing to continue for the professional qualifcation ACCA will need to sit only 5, instead of 14, exams.


The programme includes twelve modules, each of which is taught for the entire academic year

Year 1

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 ECON-250 Principles of Economics 15
2 ACCT-280 Financial Accounting 15
3 ACCT-290 Management Accounting 15
4 MGT-250 Managing People and Organisations 15

Year 2

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 BADM-350 Corporate and Business Law 15
2 MGT-355 Management Information Systems 15
3 ACCT-320 Advanced Management Accounting 15
4 ACCT-380 Financial Reporting I 15

Year 3

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 ACCT-480 Financial Reporting II 15
2 FIN-470 Financial Management 15
3 ACCT-425 Auditing and Assurance 15
PLUS One of the following:
1 ACCT-400 Taxation 15
2 MGT-450 Managing Cultural Diversity 15
3 ACCT-440 Business Analysis 15

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