Maritime Programs


Ms. Sophia Michael

Sophia Michael holds an MA in English Language Studies and Methods and a BA (Hons) in
English Literature from the University of Warwick, U.K. She is a full-time lecturer who has been
teaching English language courses at Intercollege Larnaca since 2001 and has been the
Coordinator of the Languages Department since 2005.
She has experience in teaching both academic and vocational English language courses and is
responsible for updating syllabi, designing new courses and dealing with students’ enquiries.
Apart from her role as Language Program Coordinator, she is also Training and Development
Officer, faculty representative of the IQAC committee, member of the Discipline Committee and
secretary of the Staff Student Liaison Committee. In addition, she is actively involved in
extracurricular activities and co-organises various social events for the College.
Her research interests include Motivation in the Language Classroom, Bilingualism, English for
Specific Purposes. She has also co-written Sociology of Finance articles such as (Efthymiou
Leonidas & Michael Sophia (2013). When Cards and ATMs are the only choice: A fortnight in
Cyprus with no banking system nor trust.

Dr. Marios Stylianou

Marios Stylianou is a Chemistry Lecturer who has been working at the University of Nicosia and Intercollege in Nicosia and Larnaca, teaching Chemistry courses for the School of Health Sciences Departments and other related departments that require basic knowledge of Chemistry, since 2009. He holds a PhD in Chemistry in 2007, by the University of Cyprus, in the field of Synthetic Organic and Inorganic/Bioinorganic Chemistry. His basic research focuses in the synthesis and characterization of model transition metal compounds for the active center of biomolecules in metalloenzymes and proteins, and also towards the investigation of model compounds with antidiabetic/anticancer properties. As a post-doctoral fellow researcher, he has participated in programs related to environmental-green Chemistry, including the synthesis and characterization of polyoxometalate derivatives incorporating inorganic ligands and, in particular carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), attractive in view of their potential for restricting the serious environmental problems of greenhouse effect (CO2 pollutant) and acid rain (SO2 pollutant). In the field of photocatalysis, he has been involved in research programs towards the synthesis, the characterization and investigation of redox-active/photo sensor molecules in order to use their products as fuels/alternative energy resources.

Mr. Martin Rigby

Martin Rigby is a graduate of the University of Glamorgan with a degree in Computer Studies and a Master’s degree in Technology for Teaching and Learning.   He has 18 years’ experience in lecturing at College level education establishments.   He has also worked as IT Technician and Website Administrator in the past.  Martin is also the current Program Coordinator of both the IT and CT programs at Intercollege Larnaca.

Dr. Stylianos Hirodontis

Dr Stylianos Hirodontis has received his undergraduate Bachelor Degree as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer from the University of Manchester – UMIST, in the UK in 2006. He graduated Top of the class and he received a number of awards for his performance.  He then received his postgraduate MSc with Distinction in the field of Electrical Power Engineering with Business from the University of Strathclyde, in 2008.

He then followed a Doctoral Degree from the University of Manchester – UMIST and graduated in 2010. His research was in the field of Electrical Engineering and the research was based on Load Shedding for Islanded Distribution Networks. He then returned in Cyprus where he worked at the University of Cyprus as a postdoctoral researcher and conducted studies in the field of Total Ownership Cost of Transformers, and Evaluation of the cost methods for the pricing of Electrical Energy in Cyprus.

At Intercollege he works as full time teaching staff and he is the coordinator of the “Electrical Technician”, “Computer Technology” and “Information Technology” diplomas and “Marine Academy”. He teaches the following modules: Basic Electrical Theory, Drawings, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Renewable Energy Sources (Photovoltaic Systems) II, and Design and Installations of Photovoltaic Systems, Basic Electrotechnology and Theory of Electric Machines. Dr Stylianos is also an experienced Electrical Engineering Consultant and holds licenses from EMS and ETEK of Cyprus.

Mr. Robert Dunn

Robert Dunn holds a First Class Engineer Certificate (CoC) from Glasgow College of Maritime
Studies. He holds various professional qualifications such as: CoC Chief Engineer from MCA
(UK) (2017 refresher), Advanced Fire Fighting, Personal Survival, Survival & Rescue Boats
(2016 refresher) from South Shields Marine College, Shipboard Security from Azalea Maritime,
Bijela (2014 refresher), Shipboard Safety at South Shields Marine College (2008), Risk
Management and Incident Investigation at Lloyds (2013 refresher), He has been employed by
NMM Stena, Mistui, TK, Denhom and Jardines as a Chief Engineer and by ODA (UK Govt) in
Kiribati as a Marine Engineer Cl 1. He is a part-time lecturer at the Intercollege Larnaca
Maritime programs.

Mr. Dimitris Konstantinidis

Dimitris Konstantinidis comes from the Shipping Industry and he is currently working in
Lemissoler Shipmanagement Ltd as a Procurement Manager. Dimitris had been working in the
Technical Department of Lemissoler for several years as a Technical Coordinator. He has
experience on various types of cargo vessels on both, vessel maintenance and dry dock
planning. Dimitris is a part time lecturer in the Intercollege Larnaca Maritime programs since
February 2017.

Dr. Andreas Frangos

Andreas Frangos is a Captain holding a Doctorate of Professional Studies (DPROF) in
Developing a new Approach to Teaching in Tankler, Chartering within an Undergraduate

Degree from Middlesex University (2011), and a Cadet, 2nd Officer, Chief Officer, Master
Mariner, Captain A Class Certificate from Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine – Piraeus Greece
(1991). He holds a Bachelor Degree in Faculty of Science from University of Patras (1982). Dr
Frangos has Diploma in Ship Management, Professional Diploma in Marine Insurance and
specialized certificates of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Product Gas (LPG) and a DPSA in
Port and Shipping Administration from the University of Wales Institute of Science and
Technology (U.W.I.S.T), Cardiff, United Kingdom (1983). He also did specialized trainings,
among others, in Gas Detection and Risk Management & Loss Prevention Principles.
His main research interest is Marine Science, and has published two books, conducted
presentations, done conference proceedings and published in Marine Science journals.
Dr Frangos is a member in various professional bodies, like the Piraeus Masters Mariner
Association, the CSC (Cyprus Shipping Council) Chartering Committee and Law and Insurance
Committee and the Nautical Institute – London. He also acted as the Vice President of Cyprus
Captains& Ships Officers Association (2011-14).
He is a part-time lecturer at the Intercollege Larnaca Maritime programs.

Mr. Vasileios Drakonakis

Vasileios Drakonakis is a holder of a Diploma Engineering degree in Mechanical and
Aeronautics Engineering from The University of Patras, Greece. He received his PhD in
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA.
His research interests are in Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials Processing,
Structural Analysis and Mechanics of Advanced Materials, Conventional Fuels Technology,
Renewable Sources of Energy, Sustainable Development, and Entrepreneurship.
He has received several awards and honors in his field. His work so far has been published in
15 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 25+ publications in conferences, 2 book chapters,
and 1 patent.
He has worked in more than 4 research laboratories around the globe, including: the Polymeric
Composites Laboratory in Seattle WA, USA; the NECST Laboratory at MIT in Cambridge MA,
USA; the Applied Mechanics Laboratory in Patras, Greece; the Molecular Electronics and
Photonics Laboratory in Limassol, Cyprus; and the Hephaistus Nanotechnology Research
Center at UCY in Nicosia, Cyprus;
Since 2012, he has prepared and lectured more than 10 different courses in Cyprus Maritime
Academy, Engineering Dept. of University of Nicosia, Cyprus University of Technology, and
University of Nevada, Reno.

Mr. Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster holds an HND in Mechanical/Marine Engineering from South Tyneside College. He also holds a Class One Marine Engineer Unlimited Steam and Motor from Maritime & Coast Guard Agency in U.K.  He has held several professional positions in the industry such as: Chief Engineer at BSM Ship managment, 1st Engineer at Northern Marine and 3rd Engineer at P & O Cruises. He was a member of IMarEST from 2005-2015. Since 2016 he has been lecturing in the Maritime programs of  Intercollege Larnaca.

Dr. Elias Yfantis

Dr Elias Yfantis is the Professor for Marine Engines at the Hellenic Naval Academy since
December 1995 and at the Department of Engineering/School of Sciences and
Engineering/University of Nicosia since 2017.
He was born in Athens, Greece in 1964 and obtained his PhD degree in 1992 and his
Engineering Diploma in 1987, both from School of Mechanical Engineering of the National
Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Dr. Anastasia Hadjicosti

Anastasia Hadjiconstanti completed her Bachelor studies in the Department of Physics at the University of Ioannina in Greece and received her Master degree and PhD in Medical Physics from the School of Medicine at the University of Patras in Greece. She holds a professional license as a Medical Radiation Physicist and as a Medical Physicist from the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity of Greece. She is a member of the Cyprus Medical Physicists Association. She has various publications in international peer reviewed journal, as well as several presentations in national and international conferences

Mr. Kyriacos Olympiou

Kyriacos Olympiou holds a Diploma in Maritime Education & Training from the Nautical Institute,
UK and a Diploma in Marine Meteorology from Hellenic Air Force. He also holds several STCW
professional qualifications such as: Master Mariner License Class A,B and C. He is also a
graduate of Aspropyrgos Maritime Academy as a Cadet. He is a Full-Time lecturer at
Intercollege Larnaca and Co-Coordinator of the Nautical Science program since 2016. In the
previous twenty years he has worked as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer/Principal Deputy for
BSM-MTC ( ex H.M.T.S).

Mr. Panayiotis Tafanides

Mr. Panayiotis Tafanides was born on 01 st  January 1971 in Johannesburg/South Africa.
Graduated from Merchant Maritime Academy Nea Michaniona (Macedonias) in 1995. Sailed on
Bulkers and Crude Oil tankers. In 1998 he was employed as Assistant Crewing Superintendent
in Intership Navigation. In 1999 he become Crewing Superintendent and was in charge of 32
General cargo coasters. In 2004 he took over the responsibilities of 12 LR Oil/Chemical tankers
and 6 LPG’s. In 2010 was promoted to Supervisor and in September 2015 he become Senior
Supervisor Personnel, Training & Compliance.
In September 2016, he became a lecturer at Cyprus Maritime Academy.
Mr. Tafanides is an active member of several communities at Cyprus Shipping Chamber also he
is a member on Maritime Institute of East Mediterranean, and member of the Academic
Advisory Committee at Cyprus Maritime Academy.

Mr. Vasileiou Peristianis

Peristianis Vasileiou completed his Bachelor degree in Physics at the National Kapodistrian
University of Athens in Greece and his MSc degree in Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate at the
University of Reading in the United Kingdom.