Aesthetics Programme

Dr Marios Stylianou – Aesthetics Study Program Coordinator
Dr Marios Stylianou is an assistant professor at Intercollege and holds the position of Coordinator for the Aesthetics program from September 2019. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2007, from the University of Cyprus, at the Chemistry Department, in the field of Synthetic non-organic and bioinorganic Chemistry. He collaborated with the University of Cyprus as a post-doctoral associate in Chemistry research programs and as a visiting lecturer in the teaching of Chemistry subjects. From 2009 until today, he also teaches Chemistry subjects at the University of Nicosia referenced in the School of Sciences and Engineering and in the study programs of Human Biology, Nursing and Pharmacy.

His research interests are focused on the synthesis, structural characteristics and study of molecular models referred to in the interaction of metalo-enzymes/proteins that contain phenolic products as organic sub-layers involved in electron transfer mechanisms.

He has numerous article publications in authoritative international scientific journals, has authored chapters concerning his research interests in scientific Chemistry books, has participated as a presenting speaker in international Chemistry conferences and has served as a supervising professor for students’ theses preparations in the fields of Biology and Synthetic Chemistry.

He is an active member of the Greek Cosmetology Society.


Ms Georgia Mina – Associate Coordinator
Ms Georgia Mina holds a postgraduate degree in Aesthetics (2019) with a focus in the fields of Aesthetic Care and Exercise, Health Promotion and Stress Management. Her 2015 degree is concentrated on Aesthetics Therapies and Management of Aesthetics Units while she also holds a degree in International Spa Management (2006).

Moreover, she is a holder of diplomas related to the Methodology of Teaching and Aesthetics (CIDESCO-Switzerland, ITEC-UK), in Specialized Treatments for the face-make-up-manicure/pedicure, Massage Treatments, Electric Treatments for body/face, Permanent Hair-Removal, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology.

From 2015 until today, she is a lecturer in the Aesthetics program at Intercollege. She has participated in a number of scientific conferences and seminars concerning the field of Aesthetics and she is a registered member of the Cyprus Association of Beauticians.


Ms Sofia-Elissavet Theodoridou
Ms Sofia-Eliasavet Theodoridou holds a postgraduate degree in Aesthetics (2018) with a focus in the fields of Organization, Management and Treatment Practices at Spa and Wellness Units from TEI Thessalonikis (2018). Her 2013 degree from the same institution is focused in the primary fields of Aesthetics & Cosmetology. Moreover, she has specialized in make-up at the Making Beauty Academy in Milan (2014) and she has participated in cosmetology training seminars regarding the production of cosmetic products and soaps offered by the life-long learning structure of the Pharmaceutical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has specialized in all facial treatments, in make-up, the use of prosthetic-materials and in non-permanent and permanent methods of hair-removal.

Ms Theodoridou has worked at Aesthetics centers in Bologna – Italy and in Thessaloniki and she has also worked as a beauty consultant in the pharmaceutical field. From September 2019, she is teaching at the Aesthetics program of Intercollege.


Ms Andri Demetriou
Ms Andri Demetriou holds a postgraduate degree in Aesthetics (2018) with a focus in information technology and communication in Education (2015). Her postgraduate degree as well as her research interests are focused in alternative teaching in the subject of countering pathological conditions like acne. She is also a candidate for the MBA degree from the European University of Cyprus.

She has taught on a part-time basis at the Aesthetics program of Cyprus College (2018). She is a registered member of the Ministry of Health registry for Aestheticians and the Cypriot Aestheticians Association. From October 2019, she is teaching at the Aesthetics program of Intercollege.


Dr Andreas Apostolidis
Dr Andreas Apostolidis is a holder of a BSc degree in Sports and Exercise Physiology from the University of Athens (2008) and of a postgraduate degree in Sports Biomechanics from the University of Loughborough (2009). In 2018, he completed his doctoral thesis in Athletic Physiology from the School of Sciences and Engineering at the University of Nicosia.

Dr Apostolidis has been teaching from 2010 at the University of Nicosia the subjects of Physical Education and Sports at the Life and Health Sciences department while also teaching at the Aesthetics program of Intercollege. Moreover, from 2012, he is the head coach of the Famagusta Nautical Club in the field of swimming.

He has collaborated with the University of Nicosia in research programs in the fields of biochemistry and physical education. He has published numerous articles in international scientific journals and has participated in scientific conferences concerning the field of physical education.


Dr Elena Thomaidou
Dr Elena Thomaidou completed her graduate studies in 2012 in the fields of Medical Surgery and Obstetrics at the Medical School of the University of Dublin. Subsequently, she completed her post-graduate studies in 2017 in the specialized fields of Skin-Aging and Cosmetic Medicine at the Medical School of Manchester University and in 2018 she completed her specialty in Dermatology and Aphrodisiology in conformity to the European protocol of medical specialization UEMS (European Union Medical Specialists). She has specialized in the fields of Dermatology and Aphrodisiology at the Hadassah Medical Centre of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

She is working at a Dermatology Clinic while teaching subjects in Dermatology as a visiting lecturer at the Medical School of the University of Nicosia. Her resume includes article publications in authoritative international scientific journals and she has participated in a number of scientific conferences in the field of Dermatology.


Dr Gregoris Lambropoulos
Dr Gregoris Lambropoulos completed his studies in 2003 at the Sienna Medical School, in the field of Plastic Surgery, with specialization in countering obesity. In 2015, he completed his specialty in Plastic Surgery and Surgical reconstruction at the Surgical department of the Metaxa Center for Oncology-Pathology in Athens.

He has worked as a plastic surgeon in a number of hospitals while from 2016 until today he is teaching the subject of Plastic Surgery at the Aesthetics program of Intercollege. He currently works as a full-time plastic surgeon at the Hippocrateon Private Hospital in Nicosia.

Dr Lambropoulos has participated in medical conferences and medical seminars concerning his specialty in the field of plastic surgery.


Dr Maria Michaelidou
Dr Maria Michaelidou completed her studies in 2008 in the field of Pathology-General Surgery at the School of Health Sciences and Medicine at Debrecen University in Hungary.

She has worked as a doctor at the Surgical units of the Nicosia and Larnaca General Hospitals. From 2016 until today, she is teaching as a visiting lecturer at the Medical School of the University of Nicosia the subjects of anatomy, physiology and pathology while also working at the Surgical unit of Apollonion Private Hospital in Nicosia. She has participated in a number of scientific conferences and medical seminars related to her expertise in the fields of pathology and general surgery.


Dr Paraskevi Dekoulou
Dr Parakevi Dekoulou is a PhD holder in Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2012). She graduated from the same University with a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) from the Department of Journalism & Media (2003). She made her postgraduate studies in Media Management (MSc) at the University of Sterling (2004) and also acquired a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Staffordshire (2012).

Dr Dekolou is a lecturer at Intercollege where she teaches subjects in the fields of business and marketing. At the same time, she teaches at the University of Nicosia, the Cyprus University of Technology and the Hellenic Open University.

Her research interests include corporate communications and management of media organizations, marketing in communications, human resource management and knowledge management. Her research papers have been published in international academic journals and have been presented at international conferences.


Mr Andronikos Livadiotis
Mr Andronikos Leivadiotis is a holder of a postgraduate degree in Nursing with a specialization in the prevention and therapy of diseases related to pressure ulcers from the European University of Cyprus (2018). Today he is a candidate for a doctoral title of studies in the field of Nursing at the same scientific specialization.

From October 2019, he is working as a part-time lecturer for nursing subjects Intercollege. He is also working as a nurse at the surgical unit of the Nicosia General Hospital while he has worked as a nurse in the past at the Military Hospital of the Cyprus National Guard and at Aretaeio Private Hospital.

His resume includes publications in authoritative scientific magazines, participations in scientific conferences and seminars concerning the field of nursing and he is also an active participant at charitable events and organizations.


Ms Fani Papamichael
Ms Fani Papamichael holds a degree in “Sociology with a minor in Political Science” from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Cyprus Institute of Management. She is a Certified Trainer from the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus. She has been working at Intercollege and in particular in the Training and Development department since 2011. Her main tasks are organizing, monitoring and evaluating training programs within the organization’s training and development. She deals with the identification of training needs and coordinates with external consultants, trainers and collaborators for the participation of Intercollege and University of Nicosia in European and local competitions and training programs. She collaborates with local authorities in order to make offers and training programs based on current market needs. Among other things, she is responsible for the subsidized programs and proposals of the Human Resource Development Authority. In addition, she is the Erasmus mobility coordinator of Nicosia’s campus for the placement of college students for their internship abroad as part of the European Erasmus program, as well as the staff training abroad via Erasmus funding.

Additionally, she teaches subjects of Human Resources Management, Communication and Behavior at Culinary Arts and Aesthetics departments of Intercollege Nicosia, at the Cyprus Maritime Academy and at the Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management Department of the Business School at the University of Nicosia. She is a member of the council at the Cyprus Sociological Association and a member of the Film Classification Board of the Press and Information Office. Her research interests focus on Social Sciences, Communication and Branding.


Ms Fotini Lappa
Ms Fotini Lappa is a Dietician / Nutritionist specializing in Sports Nutrition. She has a degree in Nutrition from the University of Surrey (2001) and she also holds a postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition with a specialization in Sports Nutrition from the University of Glasgow (2002).

From 2003 until 2005, she worked as a clinical dietician at the IGEIA Hospital in Athens. From 2010, she teaches the subjects of Nutrition at Intercollege and the University of Nicosia. She also maintains her own Dietician’s office in Nicosia with her professional focus being advising athletes and patients with obesity problems, type II diabetes and cardio-vascular problems.


Ms Maria Theodorou
Ms Maria Theodorou is a holder of a degree of English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1998) and a postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Cardiff (1999).

From 2001, she works as a lecturer at Intercollege teaching subjects concerning the learning and communication of the English language and terminology in all programs and fields of the Institution.

She has participated in European programs concerned with the methodology of learning the English language and communication. Moreover, her resume includes publications in authoritative electronic data-bases as well as participations in scientific conferences and seminars concerning her scientific field.


Mr Angelos Iacovides
Mr Angelos Iacovides is the managing director of Scenario Group. He studied Media and Communication at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom. He is a lecturer at INTERCOLLEGE teaching Marketing and Public Relations. He is also Head of Marketing and Communication for INTERCOLLEGE and the University of Nicosia – Cyprus Maritime Academy. He’s been in the media for more than 25 years as a television owner (MTV Cyprus), Radio producer and presenter (SUPER FM, KLIK FM), Journalist (To Periodiko, TV Star, Eleftheria newspaper London), website owner (,, tv producer and presenter (PIK, SIGMA, O ΛΟΓΟΣ, MTV CYPRUS).


Mr Christos Ioannou
Mr Christos Ioannou holds a BA (Hons) in International Accounting from the University of Northampton and a Master in Business Administration (Finance) from the University of Leicester. Furthermore, he holds the professional qualifications of Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Manager and Certified Financial Consultant. He is a lecturer in Accountancy at the University of Nicosia and Intercollege Nicosia and furthermore he is a Doctorate (DBA) candidate at the same University.


Mr Andreas Koureas
Andreas Koureas is a part-time lecturer at Intercollege since February 2018. He hold a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a first degree in International Relations and European Studies. Currently he studies, through distance learning, Economics at the London School of Economics. At Intercollege he teaches courses that fall under the sectors of management and economics. At the same time he works at a private company, in the sector of marketing and market research.


Mr Hadjiroussos Michalis
Michalis Hadjiroussosis holds a Bachelors’ degree from the University of Surrey and a HND in Electrical engineering and Wireless Personal Communications (BEng in Electronic and RF Engineering) and an MSc in Total Quality Management from the University of Warwick in the UK.

He heads the consulting firm “Centre of Business Excellence” in Nicosia and also teaches courses in Management and Quality Assurance, Change Management and Research Methodology at the University of Nicosia and Intercollege. He is chief inspector for the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, a member of the Scientific Technological Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), the Cyprus Association of Quality and Safety and Health Association Cyprus. He also voluntarily provides his services to Caritas Europa Organization to prepare studies on the quality of life of people facing poverty or social exclusion as a consequence of the economic crisis.

He is a strong supporter of effective leadership and direct approach in the field of quality management. His ultimate goal is to develop the quality of Cypriot industry through global and European standards. He is also a researcher in the field of Total Quality Management and has been involved in various European and international research programs.