Name: Yiola Leonidou
Job Title: Office Management Coordinator
Programme: Office Management

Yiola Leonidou is a diploma holder of Office Management Studies from Cambridge Schools Inc. of New York and has a Graduate Degree from Middlesex University of United Kingdom.

She has been working at Intercollege Nicosia since 1987 and her main duties are:

a) Coordinator of Office Management Program
b) Teaching lessons allied to the sector of Office Management.

Due to her a long-term experience over the years in this specific field of studies, she delivers seminars on the Role and Duties of a Private Secretary.

She is an active member of the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council and along with her students of this section, helps many families in need not only with material goods but also with emotional support.

Τηλ.: 22-842597

Name: Varnavas Kyriazis
Job Title: Lecturer, Acting Programme Coordinator
Programme: Acting

Higher Dramatic School of Karolos Koun Art Theatre, Athens, Greece
Empire College of State University of New York, B.A. in Theatre Studies
University of Exeter, UK, MPhil in Performance Practice

Work experience:
Actor, Karolos Koun Art Theatre, Athens, Greece (1975-1981)
Actor and Stage Director, Cyprus Theatre Organization (1981-2007)
General Director (Administrative and Artistic) of Cyprus Theatre Organization (2007-2012)
Professor of Acting in Satirikon Drama School (1998-2007)
Professor of Acting in Intercollege College (2015-today) and also Cordinator of the Program
Full time working freelancer Actor and Director since 2012
Member of the Board of Directors of the European Theatre Convention (ETC (2007-2012)
Member of the Jury of Premio Europa, European Theatre Prizes
Directed successfully more than forty plays in Cyprus and Greece
Played more than one hundred leading roles
Winner of the Best Actor Theatre Prize awarded biannually from THOC in 2007.


Name: Marina Patsalos
Job Title: Lecturer
Programme: Aesthetics Program

Marina Patsalos holds a City & Guilds Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy from Huddersfield Technical College, UK. She continued her studies and received a HD in Aromatherapy and a HND in Management and Aesthetics from City College Manchester, UK and later on a Master’s in Education (WBL) from Middlesex University, London, UK.
She has over twenty two years of experience as a trainer and has been employed at Intercollege Nicosia as a fulltime lecturer since 2000. Her main duties are:
a) Lecturer on the aesthetics programs for both the HND and Degree courses. Her main topics are body, electrotherapies, massage, aromatherapy and makeup.
b) Organizes seminars and events.
c) Thesis guidance for final degree students.

Office Telephone: 22-842541

Name: Katia Agroti
Job Title: Lecturer
Programme: Aesthetics Program

Katia Agroti holds a City & Guilds Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy from Tottenham Technical College, U.K She continued her studies and received a Beauty Therapy ITEC Teaching Diploma. She has a Master’s in Education (WBL) from Middlesex University, London, UK.
She has worked in London U.K in the field of Aesthetics for 15 years and she has over twenty years of experience as a trainer and has been employed at Intercollege Nicosia as a fulltime lecturer since 2000. Her main duties are:
a. Lecturer on the aesthetics programs for both the HND and Degree courses. Her main topics are body treatments, massage, facial treatments and facial electrical therapies and makeup also depilation, manicure and pedicure. Practical and Theory
b. Thesis guidance for final degree students
c. Organize seminars, charity events

Office Tel: 22-842540

Name: Georgia Mina
Job Title: Instructor
Programme: Aesthetics

Georgia Mina is an Aesthetics instructor with ten years of experience in her field. She holds a Bachelor Degree in “Beauty Therapy and Beauty Therapy Units Management” and a “BSc in International Spa Management”. In addition, she holds her City & Guilds (United Kingdom) Teaching Diploma, CIDESCO (Switzerland) Diploma in Beauty Therapy and ITEC Diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology, Beauty Specialist, Body Treatments, Facial Electrical Treatments, Electrical Epilation, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. In 2015, she joined the Aesthetics & Beauty Therapy program of Intercollege, as a full-time lecturer. Currently she specializes in IPL, Advanced Epilation methods and Electrotherapy.

Τel.: 22-842542

Name: Dr Stylianos Hirodontis
Position: Lecturer
Prorgamme: Electrical Technician

Dr Stylianos Hirodontis has received his undergraduate Bachelor Degree as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer from the University of Manchester – UMIST, in the UK in 2006. He graduated Top of the class and he received a number of awards for his performance. He then received his postgraduate MSc with Distinction in the field of Electrical Power Engineering with Business from the University of Strathclyde, in 2008.

He then followed a Doctoral Degree from the University of Manchester – UMIST and graduated in 2010. His research was in the field of Electrical Engineering and the research was based on Load Shedding for Islanded Distribution Networks. He then returned in Cyprus where he worked at the University of Cyprus as a postdoctoral researcher and conducted studies in the field of Total Ownership Cost of Transformers, and Evaluation of the cost methods for the pricing of Electrical Energy in Cyprus.

At Intercollege he works as full time teaching staff and he is the coordinator of the “Electrical Technician”, “Computer Technology” and “Information Technology” diplomas. He teaches the following modules: Basic Electrical Theory, Drawings, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Renewable Energy Sources (Photovoltaic Systems) II, and Design and Installations of Photovoltaic Systems. Dr Stylianos is also an experienced Electrical Engineering Consultant and holds licenses from EMS and ETEK of Cyprus.

Name: Dr. Andreas Loizou
Job Title: Automotive Technology Coordinator, Lecturer
Programme: Automotive

Dr. Andreas Loizou holds a Mechanical Engineering diploma of the Higher Technical Institute in Cyprus. He has acquired an Automotive Engineering degree from the University of Huddersfield in England in 2006, as well as a Masters in Vehicle Technology and Management from the University of Bradford in England in 2007. In 2012 he finished his PhD from the University of Bradford and returned to Cyprus. He worked in research projects at Frederick University, where he also taught as a visiting lecturer. He has published a significant number of articles in scientific journals, some of which were the result of research projects funded by the EU. Some of the courses taught at Intercollege are Thermodynamics, Technical and Engineering Vehicle Design, and Internal Combustion Engines.

Office Telephone: 22842594

Name: Nicholas Orphanides
Job Title: Lecturer, Coordinator of Culinary Arts Programme
Programme: Culinary Arts

Nicholas Orphanides is a lecturer at the College, holding the position of the Coordinator of “Diploma in Culinary Arts” and “BA Culinary Arts Management”. He holds extensive experience in coordinating and teaching in higher education programs and possesses comprehensive expertise in presentations, lectures and teaching both in academia and the hospitality industry. He is a certified instructor with the “Human Resource Development Cyprus” (HRDA), and has served as a Secretary (BoD member) of the Cyprus Chefs Association for seven consecutive years. He is very well connected with professionals and partners in the hospitality industry in Cyprus and abroad. He frequently attends educational courses in Food and Beverage and training. He participates as an expert in a number of European programs. His research and studies, support the operational skills of employees in the hospitality industry. He has served on steering committees for a number of projects, while he worked on the development of Digital Educational Programs for the Cyprus Ministry of Education.
He studied “Hotel Management” in the “Institut Hôtelier Cesar Ritz” in Switzerland, and then he was granted the “BA in Hotel Business Management” from De Montfort University in England. He holds a MBA with specialization in Management from the University of Nicosia.

Office Telephone: 22841590

Name: Panayiotis Theodosiou
Job Title: Trainer
Programme: Culinary Arts

Panayiotis Theodosiou graduated from the Pancyprian Gymnasium, and then was accepted after successful pass of the exams to IXET Cyprus (current HHIC), where he studied cuisine- Pastry.
He worked for thirty years in the Hotel Industry starting from ordinary cook and reached the rank of Executive Chef at five hotels and four star hotels in Cyprus, Europe and Asia. Since 1986 he engaged in teaching Culinary Arts and occasionally collaborated with both HHIC (Higher Hotel Institute Cyprus) and the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) to teach regular trainings and business seminars. At the same time he taught with the Ministry of Education in Educational Programs of Cooking- Confectionery and presented for many years cooking shows on television and radio. His passion for spreading his knowledge and skills, encouraged him to further teach Culinary Arts. He upgraded his qualifications, obtained the Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts, and the Master in “Culinary Arts in Higher Education”.
Since 2010 he works in Nicosia as a lecturer- trainer in INTERCOLLEGE teaching Cooking, Pastry and Bakery.

Name: George Georgiou
Job Title: Trainer
Programme: Culinary Arts

George Georgiou graduated from the Technical School of Larnaca Dianellos as a cook and then after his military service was introduced to Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (HHIC) were he graduated with Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts. He continued his studies in UK where he gained the “BA with Honors in Culinary Arts combined with Event Management”. And finally he gained his “Master degree of education in Culinary Arts’’ from “Middlesex University” in UK.
Alongside his studies, he worked in the Hotel Industry for ten years in five and four star Hotels starting from the position of the cook and reaching the rank of “Chef de partie”. As of 2009 he is a culinary arts instructor in higher education.
In 2013 he was employed by the INTERCOLLEGE Nicosia as a Lecturer on culinary arts department.

Name: Tasoula Charalambous
Position: Coordinator of Office Administration
Program: Office Administration

Ms. Tasoula Charalambous holds a Bachelor Degree in in Modern English Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Secretarial studies. She has been employed at Intercollege Larnaca since it was established in 1998. She is currently Campus Coordinator of the Office Administration program and a member of EUMA (European Management Assistants).
Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 537

Name: Sophia Michael
Position: Coordinator of Languages
Program: Languages

Sophia Michael holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Warwick, U.K. and a MA in English Language Studies and Methods.  She has 13 years of teaching experience in tertiary education and has been teaching English language courses at Intercollege Larnaca since 2001. She  assumed the duties of the Coordinator of the Languages Programs since 2005. In addition, she is a member of the Discipline Committee and secretary of the Staff Student Liaison Committee
Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 542

Name: Despina Telemachou
Position: Lecturer
Program: Languages

Despina Telemachou holds a Bachelor Degree in English and a research-based Postgraduate Degree in Bilingualism (M.Phil.) from the University of Birmingham. She has been teaching at Intercollege Larnaca since 2002. She specialises in writing skills and usually teaches academic writing and business communication classes.
Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 544

Name: Maria Paschalidou
Position: Coordinator of Pre-Primary Education
Program: Pre-Primary Education

Maria Paschalidou holds a Bachelor degree in Philosophy from the  University of Siena, Italy and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Second Foreign Languages –Italian, from  Ca’Foscari Italy. She has 20 years of teaching experience, teaching Greek and Italian languages in different institutes in Greece and Cyprus. She has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since1988 and a member of ADMIS (associazione dei diplomati in Master di Italiano),  and a member of the Childrens’ Museum in Athens Greece.
Tel: 24747500 Ext.:554

Name: Petrou Petros
Position: Coordinator of Sport & Exercise Science
Program: Sport & Exercise Science

Petros Petrou holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Sports from the University of Thessaly, Greece and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Gyms Association. He has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since 2011 and he is the coordinator and lecturer of Sport & Exercise Science.
Tel: 24747500  Ext:567

Name: Soteriou Vassilis
Position: Coordinator of Computer Technology & Information Technology
Program: Computer Technology & Information Technology

Vassilis Soteriou holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Spalding University, Louisville, U.S.A and a Masters in Business Administration (MIS Concentration) from Intercollege Nicosia. He is a CTP ECDL (Certified Training Professional of the European Computer Driving License) and has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since 2003.
Tel: 24747500  Ext:541

Name: Martin David Rigby
Position: Lecturer
Program: Computer Technology & Information Technology

Martin Rigby He holds a Master’s Degree in Technology for Teaching and Learning, and a Degree in Computer Studies both obtained at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd. He is a lecturer for the Computer Technology and Information Technology Programs.
Tel: 24747500  Ext:559

Name: Panayi Panayiotis
Position: Senior Lecturer
Program: Business Administration

Panayi Panayiotis holds an MBA degree with concentration in Accounting.  He is a lecturer in Accounting and Business Administration courses, since the establishment of Intercollege Larnaca 1988. In addition to lecturing, he is responsible for supervising final year projects. Since 2013 he is teaching on-line courses.
Tel: 24747500  Ext:539

Name: Leonidas Efthymiou
Position: Coordinator of Business Administration
Program: Business Administration

Leonidas Efthymiou holds a DIP in Hotel & Catering Management, a BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management, a MSc in Management and a PhD in Management from the University of Leicester. He is the Coordinator of the Business Programs at Intercollege Larnaca (Cyprus) and the Coordinator of the MBA Program at UNIC Online.
Tel: 24747500  Ext:538

Name: Tina Nicolaou
Position: Coordinator of Hairdressing
Program: Hairdressing

Tina Nicolaou holds a Level 3 Advanced Hairdressing Diploma from the U.K and Training and Development Body Assessors awards, D32 and D33, as well as C32- Facilitating learning through Demonstration and Instruction in 2002 and an ITEC lecturing diploma in 2010. Since 2009 she has been working as a full-time lecturer for Intercollege.
Tel: 24747500

Name: Gina Yiatrou
Position: Associate Lecturer
Program: Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy

Gina Yiatrou holds an ITEC, CIDESCO & NATIONAL CONFEDERATION Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Body Therapy, Electrolysis, Aromatherapy, ITEC Teaching qualifications, Lillian Maund School of Beauty. She has been working at Intercollege Larnaca Campus for the needs of the Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy programme since 2008.
Tel: 24747500  Ext.: 566