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Security and VIP Protection

The programme is officially registered with the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.

What you will learn…
• Possibility of Employment in the world’s greatest security companies
• Theoretical knowledge and practical training that shields the security both of the person/building/wealth that you protect and your own

Duration:One (1) year for the certificate.
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

The last few years, criminal activity has been changing forms rapidly and it has now mutated to the worst. Since crime and criminals are constantly evolving, now more than ever, they are directed against businessmen, politicians, companies, executives, and other high ranking officials. The motives of offenders vary depending on the case, and they may demand ransom (in cases of kidnapping and hostage-taking), change or disruption of political balance, robbery, blackmail, obtaining publicity, revenge, etc. The program of VIP Protection deals with the application of methods and tactics in high protection and safety issues. This program focuses on specialized ways of dealing with the above mentioned criminal activities (crime), and a wide range of crisis management. In this context, the aim is to fully prepare students with theoretical and practical knowledge, and a high-quality training in the field of security and protection of persons.
The programme aims at your acquiring :
• Theoretical training in basic subjects of forensic nature, such as the identification of suspicious persons, suspicious behaviors and activities
• Theoretical training in crisis management and negotiation techniques in situations of kidnappings.
• Expertise in the analysis of human behaviour, communication skills, and tactics of falsehood and deception detection.
• Expertise in methodology, tactics and targets of terrorist attacks, as well as appropriate prevention strategies and anti-crime policies.
• Theoretical and practical knowledge in designing and carrying out an operation using a car.
• Theoretical and practical knowledge in designing and executing safety operations and safety checks in premises.
• Expertise in risk assessment and management, as well as the possibility of the appropriate handling of such situations/incidents.
• Theoretical training on key issues of the legislative framework which regulates the activity and operation of security companies. The program will be offered by distinguished instructors in the field of security. The IKMF instructors have high experience in providing training to security forces around the world. Upon completion of your studies you will be able to respond effectively in high challenging situations.

Career Prospects

As a certificate holder, you will be specialized in providing services aiming to prevent and suppress violent behavior, protect the life and the property of people and maintain the social peace, when liable to be disturbed.
You can utilize your knowledge and skills in:
• Private Security Services offices.
• In various consulting services.
• As an additional qualification for police officers



COMP-150 Microcomputer Applications
BENG-100 English
SEC-101 Vehicle Training – Premises
SEC-111 Legal issues and Managing Security Organizations
SEC-121 Field abilities and asymmetric threats
MGT-281 Introduction to Management
COMM-121 Basics of Public Relations
CRIM-132 Forensic Psychology
CRIM-135 Psychology of Terrorism

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