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The TV and Radio Unit of Intercollege introduces students to the field of electronic media with state of the art facilities and equipment (analogue and digital).  The TV section of the Unit houses three S-VHS editing suites, one 3-machine Beta editing suite with special effects, one 2-machine Beta editing suite with variable speed, one production floor equipped with all supporting equipment for studio productions using three studio Beta Cams, one control room with a teleprompter, a character generator, two CCU’S and a talk-back system, one sound control room and one sound booth.  The radio section of the Unit is fully digitalized using the latest audio/radio software.  It houses one audio studio connected to an audio recording booth and a radio studio connected to a talk-room.  Students have the opportunity to check out cameras (7 S-VHS, 4 Beta Cams and 1 DV Cam) and audio equipment (mini discs, DAT recorders) to complete projects of the TV/Radio concentration studies.

In addition to the academic requirements, the Unit gives students the opportunity to get involved in professional productions as it produces work for the business sector such as commercials, documentaries, instructional videos, corporate videos and conference/seminar coverage.

Visit to learn more about the unit and to watch the latest sudent and professional productions.

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