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Gas Installations Welding Technician

The programme is officially registered with the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.

What you will learn …

  • MMA, MIG / MAG and TIG Welding methods for pipelines and high pressure reservoirs.
  • Quality welds (destructive, non-destructive).
  • Knowledge in technology issues and resistance of materials.
  • Safety and health issues and environmental regulations.
  • Certification in welding under ISO 9096.
  • Possibility to obtain the International Welder Diploma from the International Institute of Welding (in cooperation with the Cyprus Institute of Welding).
  • Summer Internship in companies and industry facilities.
  • Approved Training Center (ATB) for the Welder’s programme of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).

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Duration:Two (2) years for obtaining the Diploma.
Language:Greek Language
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

It is a fact that welding as a job plays now internationally one of the most important, most critical and absolutely essential roles in the construction of a vast variety of industrial facilities. In fact, the job of a welder is one of the few professions in which, under the existing circumstances, the labor demand far exceeds that of supply.
After finding exploitable quantities of natural gas in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone and the need to create large industrial infrastructure for processing, liquefaction, transportation and distribution of natural gas networks and liquefaction terminals, it is expected to lead to the creation of new jobs which until recently did not exist in the Cyprus labor market, especially in the Welding sector.
According to a study by the Human Resource Development Authority, occupations of “average” (educational) level like skilled welders, technicians, machine operators, builders, plumbers, are expected to be in great demand in the labor market in the next years. It is also noted that for occupations that require a high level of training, such as high pressure welders or high pressure applicators, applying for the necessary training must start now so that they will be ready to be absorbed by the labor market in the next few years.
The above facts combined with the lack of a similar existing programme of studies in Cyprus, has led to the creation of this programme in order to meet the increasing demands of the profession and to provide you with excellent prospects for advancement and satisfaction as a Gas Installations Welding Technician.


The Diploma in Gas Installations Welding Technician is intended to accustom you in the technologies of modern welding methods like those applied mainly to the fields of gas fuels and oil. During the program are presented and developed the fundamental principles governing the welding technologies as well as learning and performing quality checks on the model CY EN 287-1.

Career Prospects

As a graduate of this program you can work in:

  • Installation companies of gas and oil distribution networks.
  • Companies that use, store or produce gaseous fuels and petroleum products.
  • In gas and petroleum processing terminals.
  • In the industry of steel structures and pipeworks.
  • As a freelancer.


Academic Path

COMP-150   Microcomputer Applications

BENG -121   Professional English I

MATH-110    Mathematics

ETECH-100  Introduction to Electrical Circuits

MTECH-100 Introduction to Thermodynamics

WLD-100      Introduction to Welding

WLD-110      Material Technology

WLD-120      Enginnering and Technical Drawing

WLD-130      Health and safety at workplace

BENG -122   Pofessional English II

WLD-190      Summer Internship I

WLD-200      Resistance of Materials

WLD-210      Welding Methods

WLD-220      Welding Quality Control

WLD-230      MMA 1 Welding Method

WLD-240      MIG-MAG 1 Welding Mwthod

WLD-245      Fire Fighting and Fire Protection from
from mineral oils and gaseous fuels

WLD-250     MMA 2 Welding Method

WLD-260      MIG-MAG 2 Welding Method

WLD-270      TIG TIG Welding Method

WLD-280      Welding Lab

WLD-290     Summer Internship II

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