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Older Adult Care

The programme is officially registered with the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.

What you will learn…

  • One of the 5 top professions with highest demand in the coming years due to the increase in the older population.
  • Possibility of immediate employment during your studies or directly after graduating.
  • Skills stemming from supervised Practicum in an approved residential/nursing/rehabilitation care home.
  • Background knowledge of Gerontology.
  • To provide holistic personal care to Older adults, and support to their families.
  • To support older adults and their families.
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Duration:One (1) year for the certificate and two (2) years for the Diploma.
Location: Intercollege Nicosia

The percentage of older adults requiring assistance, both in Europe and in Cyprus, is growing rapidly. This creates a growing need for trained, specialized caregivers older adults. At the same time, people with disabilities in Cyprus are in need of quality care solutions.
Knowing how promising the field is, both for immediate employment and as a profession with prospects of advancement and satisfaction for the professional Caregiver, we have created such a program.


The aim of the program is to provide you with complete theory and practice, whether you are an existing or a prospective Caregiver for Older adults and people with disabilities, making you a professional caregiver. The growing demand for care of the ageing population, as well as the complete lack of such a programme of studies is the gap the course focuses on.

Career Prospects

You have the prospect of immediate employment:

  • In care/nursing/rehabilitaion units in Cyprus.
  • Providing Care at home as a self-employed professional caregiver.
  • Five most successful graduates  have guaranteed employment by Materia group, a group of companies that specialises in offering professional care services to Seniors and People with Disabilities.

You have the option to:

  • Work while studying.
  • Pursue a working position upon completion of the first year of studies (Certificate)
  • Pursue a working position after obtaining your diploma.
  • Proceed to register in the nursing programme transferring credits.



GRNT-110        Principles of Gerontology

CARE-110        Basics of Personal Care

BIOL-107        Biology of Aging

CARE-120        Caring and Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

BENG-121        Basic English

FA-101            First Aid

PHYSIO-110     Kinesiology

GRNT-160        Care of People with Dementia I

CARE-220        Health and safety in Care Units and at home

PSYCH-110       Life Span Development

ELPR-160        Practicum I

CARE-210        Long-term care.

GRNT-210        Care of People with Dementia ΙΙ

COMM-100        Interpersonal Communication

PSYCH-160      Psychology of older adults

ELPR-220        Practicum ΙΙ

PSYCH-210       Psychology of Health

COMP-150        Microcomputer Applications

HPU-160         Organization of Care Units

ETHIC-110       Principles of Ethics and Morality

OFAD-226        Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

ELPR-320        Practicum ΙΙΙ

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