Faculty and Staff Larnaca

Name: Lucy Pagoni

Position: Head Receptionist & Personal Assistant to the Executive Director

Department: Administration

Lucy Pagoni holds the position of the Head Receptionist and the position of the Personal Assistant to the Executive Director of Intercollege Larnaca. She has been working at Intercollege since 1992. Her main responsibilities include the general administration of the Reception, services to the students, assistance to the faculty and visitors, organization of meetings, seminars and a variety of events.  She is also responsible of the incoming and outgoing mail, the lecturer’s evaluations and oversees the maintenance of the building.

Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 500

Email: l.pagoni@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Yiota Georgiou

Position: Librarian

Department: Administration

Yiota Georgiou holds an Office Administration Diploma from Intercollege Larnaca.  She has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since 2009 and currently holds the position of the librarian.

Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 500

Email: y.georgiou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Andri Kyprianou

Position: Receptionist/Secretarial Support

Department: Administration

Andri Kyprianou holds a Business Administration Diploma from Intercollege Larnaca. She has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since 2008. Her responsibilities include scheduling of everyday activities, handling phone and electronic messages and providing information and assistance to students. She also supports the Academic Affairs offices upon request.

Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 500

Email: a.kyprianou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Despina Petsa

Position: Academic Affairs Officer

Department: Academic Affairs

Despina Petsa holds a Bachelor degree (BA) in Greek Philology from the University of Ioannina in Greece, a Bachelor degree (BEd) in Primary Education from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus and a Master degree (MA) in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Nottingham in the UK. Her primary duties at the College concern the academic affairs department, the co-operation with educational organizations and the Ministry of Education regarding the courses and the administration of the College’s Programs.

Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 572

Email: d.petsa@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Evanthia Fokou

Position: Finance Officer

Department: Administration

Evanthia studied Business Administration at Intercollege Larnaca Campus and is currently working as a Finance Officer since 2008. She is responsible for the management of finances at Intercollege Larnaca.

Tel: 24 747500, Ext.: 506

email: e.fokou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Kalliopi Michaelidou

Position: Senior Officer

Department: International Office / Admissions, Administration

Kalliopi Michaelidou holds a Bachelor Degree in English Literature from Fordham University in New York.  She has been working for Intercollege since 2003 in the admissions/student affairs department.

Tel: 24 747500 Ext.: 502

email: k.michaelidou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Katerina Christoforou

Position: International Office Director

Department: International Office / Admissions, Administration

Katerina Christoforou is a graduate of the University of Toronto, holding an Honors degree in Economics and Labor Management Relations and a Certificate in Business Management from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada.  She has been working at Intercollege since 1995, holding various positions over the years, ranging from Head of the Professional Training & Development Department, Head of Student Affairs and, currently, Director of the International Office and International Admissions.

Tel.:  24747500 Ext.: 501

Email:  k.christoforou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Nicolas Karagiorgis

Position: IT Manager

Department: Administration

Nicolas Karagiorgis holds a Diploma in Computer Science from Intercollege Larnaca. He has 15 years of experience as an IT Manager with specialty in hardware, software and networks. He has been working at Intercollege since 2000 and his main duties range from technical support, website administration to network security and centralized mail administration.

Tel.:  24747500 Ext.: 550

Email: n.karagiorgis@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Tasoulla Koumantari

Position: Registration Officer

Department: Academic Affairs

She has been working for the Department of Academic Affairs since August 1989. Her primary responsibilities include maintaining student academic records, managing course registration/advising, drop/add and withdrawals, processing transcripts, make certifications, class lists, grade sheets, transfer course equivalency information, verifying enrollments, completing graduation/degree.

Tel.:  24747500 Ext.: 505

Email: t.koumantari@intercollege-larnaca.com




Name: Tasoula Charalambous

Position: Coordinator of Office Administration

Program: Office Administration

Ms. Tasoula Charalambous holds a Bachelor Degree in in Modern English Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Secretarial studies. She has been employed at Intercollege Larnaca since it was established in 1998. She is currently Campus Coordinator of the Office Administration program and a member of EUMA (European Management Assistants).

Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 537

Email: t.charalambous@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Sophia Michael

Position: Coordinator of Languages

Program: Languages

Sophia Michael holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Warwick, U.K. and a MA in English Language Studies and Methods.  She has 13 years of teaching experience in tertiary education and has been teaching English language courses at Intercollege Larnaca since 2001. She  assumed the duties of the Coordinator of the Languages Programs since 2005. In addition, she is a member of the Discipline Committee and secretary of the Staff Student Liaison Committee

Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 542

Email: sophia.michael@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Despina Telemachou

Position: Lecturer

Program: Languages

Despina Telemachou holds a Bachelor Degree in English and a research-based Postgraduate Degree in Bilingualism (M.Phil.) from the University of Birmingham. She has been teaching at Intercollege Larnaca since 2002. She specialises in writing skills and usually teaches academic writing and business communication classes.

Tel: 24747500 Ext.: 544

Email: d.telemachou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Maria Paschalidou

Position: Coordinator of Pre-Primary Education

Program: Pre-Primary Education

Maria Paschalidou holds a Bachelor degree in Philosophy from the  University of Siena, Italy and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Second Foreign Languages –Italian, from  Ca’Foscari Italy. She has 20 years of teaching experience, teaching Greek and Italian languages in different institutes in Greece and Cyprus. She has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since1988 and a member of ADMIS (associazione dei diplomati in Master di Italiano),  and a member of the Childrens’ Museum in Athens Greece.

Tel: 24747500 Ext.:554

Email: m.paschalidou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Petrou Petros

Position: Coordinator of Sport & Exercise Science

Program: Sport & Exercise Science

Petros Petrou holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Sports from the University of Thessaly, Greece and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Gyms Association. He has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since 2011 and he is the coordinator and lecturer of Sport & Exercise Science.

Tel: 24747500  Ext:567

Email: p.petrou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Soteriou Vassilis

Position: Coordinator of Computer Technology & Information Technology

Program: Computer Technology & Information Technology

Vassilis Soteriou holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Spalding University, Louisville, U.S.A and a Masters in Business Administration (MIS Concentration) from Intercollege Nicosia. He is a CTP ECDL (Certified Training Professional of the European Computer Driving License) and has been working at Intercollege Larnaca since 2003.

Tel: 24747500  Ext:541

Email: v.soteriou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Martin David Rigby

Position: Lecturer

Program: Computer Technology & Information Technology

Martin Rigby He holds a Master’s Degree in Technology for Teaching and Learning, and a Degree in Computer Studies both obtained at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd. He is a lecturer for the Computer Technology and Information Technology Programs.

Tel: 24747500  Ext:559

Email: m.rigby@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Panayi Panayiotis

Position: Senior Lecturer

Program: Business Administration

Panayi Panayiotis holds an MBA degree with concentration in Accounting.  He is a lecturer in Accounting and Business Administration courses, since the establishment of Intercollege Larnaca 1988. In addition to lecturing, he is responsible for supervising final year projects. Since 2013 he is teaching on-line courses.

Tel: 24747500  Ext:539

Email: p.panayi@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Leonidas Efthymiou

Position: Coordinator of Business Administration

Program: Business Administration

Leonidas Efthymiou holds a DIP in Hotel & Catering Management, a BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management, a MSc in Management and a PhD in Management from the University of Leicester. He is the Coordinator of the Business Programs at Intercollege Larnaca (Cyprus) and the Coordinator of the MBA Program at UNIC Online.

Tel: 24747500  Ext:538

Email: l.efthymiou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Tina Nicolaou

Position: Coordinator of Hairdressing

Program: Hairdressing

Tina Nicolaou holds a Level 3 Advanced Hairdressing Diploma from the U.K and Training and Development Body Assessors awards, D32 and D33, as well as C32- Facilitating learning through Demonstration and Instruction in 2002 and an ITEC lecturing diploma in 2010. Since 2009 she has been working as a full-time lecturer for Intercollege.

Tel: 24747500

Email: t.nicolaou@intercollege-larnaca.com


Name: Gina Yiatrou

Position: Associate Lecturer

Program: Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy

Gina Yiatrou holds an ITEC, CIDESCO & NATIONAL CONFEDERATION Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Body Therapy, Electrolysis, Aromatherapy, ITEC Teaching qualifications, Lillian Maund School of Beauty. She has been working at Intercollege Larnaca Campus for the needs of the Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy programme since 2008.

Tel: 24747500  Ext.: 566

Email: g.kyriakou@intercollege-larnaca.com